BREATHING – This is a topic that will always appear in almost all my workshops and coaching sessions.  The importance of breathing correctly is a huge factor to speaking success.  Not only is correct breathing the first step to better sound and resonance to your voice, but it helps in so many other areas too such as:

  1. Helping to stay calm as it slows down your heart rate.
  2. Assisting the outward breath to the end of sentences, allowing you the opportunity to enunciate and modulate your words.
  3. Supporting your appearance physically if you naturally slouch or if your chest is caved in.
  4. Providing a more authoritative sound to your voice, hence adds credibility to your vocal delivery.
  5. Prepares you to have good stance for confidence

The benefits of diaphragmatic breathing are plenty when you combine it with speaking techniques.  For more tips on diaphragmatic breathing and information on voice & speech coaching, just send an email.  Would love to hear from you.

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