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People will probably not believe me when I tell them that I was extremely shy as a kid.  They’d probably laugh when I say that I wouldn’t usually speak unless I was spoken to, and it would usually be a one-word reply.  That I would cower away from any situation that would involve me giving my opinion or utter a thought in public.  They wouldn’t imagine that to be my personality since what I do today revolves around the very act of speaking and hearing my voice.  In fact, I get paid to speak, specifically to narrate for corporate videos, commercials, documentaries on a wide variety of subjects and brands. I am also the voice we sometimes hear on a message-on-hold over the phone.  Yeah, sorry.

So how did I end up using the very tool which I had kept locked up when I was young?  To be honest, it happened gradually over the years growing and maturing into the world.  Years of working in the advertising world, dealing with people from different backgrounds, being married and eventually having kids of my own became the learning platform to discover ways to get round my insecurities and speaking anxiety.  I cover various methods to deal with the nerves of public speaking in my training and coaching session, and there is plenty of advice out there.  However,  out of all the tips and techniques that I have encountered, this is what I have found out to be the most effective way to overcome the fear of speaking in the long run.


For other methods and techniques on dealing with speech anxiety, get in touch with me.  Drop a line info@vocapedia.co or info@kutibiazid.com

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