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Your voice has power

Whether you are a sales person trying to sell a product, a manager rallying your staff, a lecturer holding the attention of your students, or a CEO addressing your shareholders, the words you use are important. Just as critical is the way you say them.

Your voice has the power – to persuade, enlighten and inspire. Just think of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ignited a whole civil rights movement that changed the American landscape. Or how Meryl Streep can move a whole audience at the Oscars to tears.

What our Participants Say

  • “Her methodology was clear and simple, with exercises that showed me immediate improvement in my own voice and speech. I have applied her suggestions at work, particularly when speaking formally. They have helped me gain confidence when before I was a little hesitant in my speech.”

    Ai Sim Managing Director
  • “Clearly, her experience as a voice talent is invaluable in helping people like me understand the importance of qualities such as intonation, enunciation and pronunciation, in everyday executive interactions and especially in meetings and presentations.”

    C. Ho Entrepreneur
  • “My English isn’t very good, but by learning the methods to speak clearly and with good pace, I sound naturally more confident and more relaxed.”

    Ping University Student
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